Calendar of Events

Talk at Morley Elementary (photo by Michael Forsberg)

The following is an updated Calendar of Events for Jeff Kurrus.  See below if you are interested in Jeff presenting to your school or group and to view Jeff’s current presentation topics.


11/21/17 Eclectic Book Club Presentation in Omaha, NE.

4/3/18  PEO Group Presentation in Lincoln, NE.



Writing with a Camera

During this talk, Jeff discusses how he uses photographs to come up with ideas, covering work for NEBRASKAland Magazine, Have You Seen Mary?, and upcoming publications. In addition, this all-ages talk also entails a description of what Jeff thinks is every writer’s most important goal – learning how they write best.

Not Just the Eiffel Tower

With only a background in writing, Jeff began his tenure at NEBRASKAland Magazine more than 5 years ago needing to learn the world of photography very quickly. Because NEBRASKAland is one of the nation’s premier photographic publications, Jeff was taught by the staff at the magazine several important tips that have allowed him to contribute as both a writer and photographer to this great publication – tips that have also allowed him to evaluate images for book projects like Have You Seen Mary? An excellent event for aspiring or practicing photographers.

Jeff covers these and other topics with a slideshow presentation and follows these presentations with a question/answer session and book signing. For more information, email him at or call him at 402-659-8326 (last two photos courtesy of NEBRASKAland Magazine).